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'Missing' Project  

Annual Second Year Exhibition 2016

Missing - persons, species, memories, details - an exhibition of research-based mixed media works measuring 48" x 48" examined 'missing' as both subject and process. Exploring ideas around loss, both concretely and metaphorically, the students engaged in a process of working with image / text,  layering / erasure, to express their particular concept. Each student brought they own unique vision to the project and the results reflect their diversity.

The students who worked on this project were Hayden Beedle, Leena Bourne, Emmi Coburn, Hailey Doxtator, Alan Dungo, Maria Granja Plata, Candace Kennedy, David Knight, Connor McKinnon, Kristy Perez, Holly Pichette, Leah Probst, Kyle Rivard, Johanna Torres, Katherine Vacek, Shannon Vandevenne, Samantha Wilson, and Darien Wren.

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