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Video Projects

First Year: In my introductory video course (Intermedia ARTS-1054), students work with silent black & white video as well as colour video with original sound-tracks. Students must both direct and produce the videos, including concept, acting, props, costumes, setting, etc. 

Second Year: In my Visual Research 2 course (ARTS-3009), students are intro-duced to stop-motion video animation. They create 2-minute animated videos with a partner. These experimental works are created with hand-manipulated paper elements, drawings, and objects.

The video clips shown here are from an animated video project titled 'The Room' completed by second year students in the Fine Art Studio 4 course (ARTS-3035) - see 'The Room' Lesson Plan. Well-known contemporary artworks inspired miniature stage sets in which subtle movements within the set described an implied narrative in the resulting looped animated video projection.

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