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"Just an amazing teacher! She just loves / enjoys everyones work and she looks forward onto looking into them!

She provides help and a great understanding when students are in need."

"She is an excellent teacher. Her method of teaching is straight-forward and if there is any confusion you can

ask and she will easily help to clear it up. She wants you to succeed and I don't see that a lot. She cares about her

students and wants us to do well."

"She uses FOL effectively... and everything she wants done for a project is there. She updates it whenever there

is a change, like the class goes to an off-campus sketching session and things need to be rescheduled (she does

all that on FOL as well as informing the students in class). 5 stars Joscelyn"


"Gardner shows her passion for the class and it inspires me. I have learned a lot about the class and will use these

skills in my life."


"As a student, I have never enjoyed one class so much. Joscelyn enjoys teaching this class because she mainly

specializes in printmaking.And now I can honestly say that I've learned a lot from her and the class that is being

taught. I will be able to carry this knowledge with me throughout my life. I'm very glad she gives detailed

instructions for projects, and breaks down what we don't understand." 




"Thanks very much for all your words of encouragement and support. It means a lot to me to that you valued my work this year. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your excitement for art will be missed. 

I hope to get more involved within the arts community in London this year.

Keep in touch! 


Holly Pichette"

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